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The urban shepherd of Paris

Julie-Lou Dubreuilh, 41, is of French origin and works as a shepherd in Paris and its suburbs. She joined a group of urban shepherds and then moved to the suburbs and founded the Clinamen collective.

“For 10,000 years, sheep have lived with men: we have forgotten that sheep are capable of many things, like walking on a sidewalk, staying calm, stop[ping] at red lights. The sheep of the urban shepherds are city dwellers, born in the city. The city is their medium, like us. The proof: the urban flock hate flies like any good city dweller.”

“We go to the border of Paris twice a month, to graze in the course. On a daily basis, the herd grazes an immense 400-hectare park in La Courneuve. And five days a month, they eat in the city on circuits of 9-15km, in an urban area north of Paris that extends from Aubervilliers to Garges-lès-Gonesse.” Read more here The Guardian

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