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تاريخ الانضمام: ١٨ مايو ٢٠٢٢


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References External links Official site Category:2001 video games Category:Java platform software Category:Video games developed in the United States Category:Windows games Category:Windows-only gamesThis invention relates to methods and apparatus for examining very small quantities of liquid samples and, more particularly, to methods and apparatus for separating and quantitatively measuring very small quantities of liquid samples containing chemical agents. A particularly useful application of the present invention is in the medical field, and particularly in blood banking. When blood is drawn from a donor to be stored in a blood bank or other medical facility, the blood is collected in a donor container which may be provided with a label bearing the name, address and other information of the donor. After the blood is collected, the container may be transported to a blood analysis laboratory where the blood is analyzed in order to determine whether the donor should be allowed to donate blood again. In this regard, it has been found that it is important to avoid infection and thus it is important to test the blood for the presence of various chemical agents, including, for example, hepatitis, syphilis, and other infectious agents. However, the handling of large quantities of blood requires that the blood be carefully handled in order to prevent contamination of the blood with chemical agents that might otherwise cause infectious diseases. It is important, therefore, to minimize the amount of blood that is wasted in the course of blood tests, particularly blood tests for the presence of infectious agents. It has also been found that, in many cases, it is desirable to determine the blood content of various chemicals and biochemical components in the blood. For example, a red blood cell membrane agent that is transfused into a donor will rapidly be metabolized to one or more chemical agents which may be harmful to the donor or to recipients of the blood. Thus, it is often important to examine the blood for these chemical agents. A particularly useful chemical agent, e.g., a toxic or infectious agent, is an enzyme, such as a DNA binding enzyme. For example, in the case of sickle cell anemia, the red blood cells may be substantially irreversibly altered by the presence of the particular DNA binding agent, known as deoxyhemoglobin-S. In other words, the red blood cells may become irreversibly sickled, i.e., sickle-shaped, when an appropriate amount of deoxyhemoglobin-S is present in the blood. It has been found that the presence of DNA binding


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