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Peaceful rage will never die, Sudan's revolution

Peaceful rage has been unleashed on the streets of Sudan since the military coup led by putschist General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan on October 25, 2021.


Sudanese resistance committees and many civil society organizations demand the withdrawal of the army from power and the establishment of civilian rule. They call every week for massive demonstrations in the streets of Khartoum and major cities across the country. Under a cloud of black, white, red and green flags of Sudan, they chant: "Soldiers, return to your barracks, the Janjawids must be dissolved" (in reference to the paramilitary militias of the number two of the junta, General Hemetti) or "The patient people are starving", "One people, one army".


Anxious to preserve the pacifism of their movement, pursuing the slogans of the revolution begun under Omar al-Bashir, "Freedom, Peace and Justice", these Sudanese of various social classes and different generations are calling for civil disobedience. They want to hold accountable the murderers of the more than 100 demonstrators killed since the putsch, most of them by live ammunition.


The dispute does not end. The brutal crackdown has not deterred many Sudanese from continuing the anti-military movement, urging the continuation of the peaceful movement in the face of what they call "supporters of the old regime" led by ousted President Omar al-Bashir who killed and displaced thousands of Sudanese in the west and south of the country during thirty years of Islamist rule.

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