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“Anne and Tanguy speak through their windows with their neighbors for the first time since they moved to their Paris apartment two years ago. "

Article by : Abdulmonam Eassa with Paloma Dupont de Dinechin

On March 17, Emmanuel Macron announced an indefinite confinement. Parisians must stay in their homes to preserve their lives and those of others. Photojournalist, my job is to look at the other. I walked the streets of Paris for several days in a row, looking for new links in the silent city.


Every Friday at 8:00 p.m., Lena Deluxe releases her electric guitar, microphone and rocker glasses in solidarity with medical personnel fighting the epidemic. “The idea came to me on Facebook, I saw someone playing music on their balcony and I thought it was a moment of sharing that we needed. It allowed me to get to know my neighbors, ”she says. She had never done this before.

Likewise, new links have developed between the inhabitants of a neighborhood near Nation.

"I received many messages from my neighbors on my Facebook page, one of them contacted me to celebrate his birthday, he lives in the building opposite. I didn't know him before the confinement. Basically, we applauded for being in solidarity with the medical staff, but now we talk, we meet, from afar. ", Rejoices Lena. 


In two years, Anne 27 and her boyfriend Tanguy, 26, had never spoken to their neighbors. It is only through confinement that through interposed windows, they got to know each other. Today they are chatting with their right-wing neighbors.


The couple is one of the Parisians who have stayed in the city. They decided not to join their parents who nevertheless have a beautiful house in Brittany. Their accommodation is less than 30 square meters, they both telecommute. “Fortunately, I can work from home. There are thousands of people who cannot work from home! ",launches Anne who works in communication for the Red Cross. her companion sees this moment as an opportunity to strengthen his friendly ties. From his computer, they contact his friends scattered all over France. "This is the third time I have made a call during the day!" Said the young man. "It's nice to have time despite these difficult circumstances," he adds.


Nicolas, 32, normally produces music videos and shoots, he travels in France and abroad to film concerts. On a map in his living room he draws in red the places where he has traveled and points to where he is. "My daily life has changed, I am not free to move, but I am not the only one. Many concerts that I had to attend were canceled during the months of March and April, and I don't know when I could resume my normal life. "

In the meantime, having trouble staying at home, he survives thanks to his neighbors. He stays in front of his apartment to share and take a little vitamin D, in distant company.


Before going out, with his partner, Daniela, 29, they hand write their travel certificates which allow them to go out for an hour within a radius of a maximum kilometer from their house. "It's the first time I've been out in five days," says the young woman. "A need" for her. "Just seeing other people and take some sun, makes me feel good " she breathes.

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